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Este es un sitio dedicado principalmente a mis nietos, donde ellos podrán ver mi pasaje por este mundo, fundamentalmente en forma de imágenes y así poder decir quien es o fue su abuela Carmen o su AbuC, como suelo identificarme ante ellos. Para hacerlo he tenido que empezar por aprender a manejar WordPress, lo cual a pesar de que dicen que es fácil, no me parece. Como ya tenía en mi mente mas o menos el formato de lo que quería hacer, tuve que aprender cómo llevarlo a cabo con este programa, subir fotos y tratar de que su presentación fuera lo más atractiva posible. Quisiera lograr una página amena, donde mis nietos encuentren algún placer en recorrer y no que sea algo de “vea y olvide”.


This is a site mainly dedicated to my grandchildren. The purpose of this autobiography website is to allow my family and grandchildren to explore my past through pictures and stories. They will be able to furthermore understand me as their grandmother Carmen, or their AbuC as they know me by. In order to do this autobiography I had to learn how to work with WordPress, which in spite of what is said to be easy, I found rather difficult to work with. Although my vision for this website was pretty clear, I had to learn how to make it on this program and how to upload pictures and arrange captions meanwhile making it as attractive as possible. I look forward to making amusing pages for my grandchildren where they can find some joy in reviewing my life and find something worth remembering. 


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    • Please apologize my delay on this reply, but I’m very new in WordPress and I learn something each time I open it. Today I saw your comment and so, I’m here writing. Thank you for your words. This site is addressed, mainly, to my grandchildren. If you understand Spanish, my mother language, you saw my goal of this work. In a short time, it will be translated into English.


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